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Chandelier / Entry Void Light Replacement/Installs

Your local electrician

New Homes

An amazing feature of most new homes is the entry void, creating an amazing sense of space. Unfortunately, most new home builders will install a basic light globe, which will eventually blow.

Getting an electrician to replace globes or install longer lasting globes can be very challenging due to access, small jobs, and equipment requirements.

We have the equipment, experience and knowledge to help replace your globes in high ceiling areas. We will always recommend you replace and high areas or voids with quality long lasting globes to reduce the frequency of maintenance.

We frequently install feature light fittings such as chandeliers into voids to give your house a grand welcome.

Existing Homes

Many beautiful and historic homes in Sydney feature some incredible lighting fixtures and chandeliers. We can help replace old blown globes with new efficient LED globes that have a 10 year lifespan, ensuring that your feature light doesn’t have a missing globe.