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Home/Residential Electric Car Charging Station

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We are proud to install all Electric Vehicle Chargers into your home or commercial premise.

Electric vehicle chargers can draw incredible amounts of electricity over long periods of time and require a well thought through install.

A poorly planned or installed electric vehicle charger can double your vehicles charge time!

We take into account what really happens when you charge your vehicle. Its no just about running and cable and screwing to the wall, we understand when you will be charging, what else you will be doing (air conditioning, ovens, dishwashers etc) to ensure that your entire premises runs as you would expect, with no impact to other appliances.

We install Tesla, Hyundai Ioniq and Kona, Nissan Leaf, Mercedes, Renault Zoe, BMW, Audi e Series, Jaguar, Honda, Kia, Mitusbishi and Volkswagen.

We also install generic electric chargers to all premises such as EO, Bosch, KEBA, Qubev, Wallbox, Schneider.

If you are in a premise that is managed by a Strata, we can provide information to help build a business case for your install.

Depending on you incoming mains supply, we can install Level 1 or Level 2 chargers. Very rarely does a residential premise have access to enough the main electrical grid to support Level 3 charging, unless your located near a significant commercial premises. If there is sufficient grid connection, we can enable a Level 3 charger.

Call us today, wether your thinking of a new electric car or have already purchased about installing your dedicated fast charger.

A summary of Charger Levels:

Level 1Level 2Level 3
Example:A regular power point in your houseA home or public wall chargerA high powered public DC Fast Charger
Power:1-2.4 kW3.6-22 kW10-150 kW
Charge Rate:7-15 km/hr of charge15-100 km/hr of charge60-800 km/hr of charge


What types of EV charging plugs are there?

While the charging stations themselves are referred to with “Levels” the physical plugs you plug into the cars are normally referred to as “Types”. So for example you can use a “Type 4” plug with a “Level 3” charger.

There are four types of plugs as defined by the SAE:

EV Charging

Having four different types of plugs to charge your car sounds like a bit of a nightmare. However it works quite simply in real life, as we are transitioning from a Type 1 (J1772) plug network to a mixture of Type 2 socket and Type 2 tethered stations to suit the impending mix of cars.

If you’re charging at a Level 3 charger though most will have the CHAdeMO and Combined Charging System (CCS) plugs, allowing you to use the one that fits your car.

So 99% of the time you’ll only deal with two different plugs. Pair this with the already large charging network in Australia and things look quite good so far.

As for Teslas, these use a slightly modified Type 2 Mennekes plug.